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multi gem bracelet for women

No offense to the jewelry box, but we believe that some accessories deserve to be on display. And even if you own a jewelry box or two, necklaces have a tendency to become entangled and earrings can get separated easily. The obvious solution is to come up with a jewelry display that doubles as decor. 

The benefits of keeping your jewelry out where you can see it go beyond the aesthetic. Picking out your accessories is much easier when they’re all right in front of you and you can see what your options are. You won’t forget you have something or lose a piece because it’s been buried.

Stop haphazardly tossing your jewelry into a drawer. Save the jewelry box for your valuables and learn how to expertly display your accessories. Here are some wonderful ideas to get you started:

If you want to keep it simple, just hang a bunch of hooks on your wall. You can hang them in a pattern on a bare wall, in a row over your dresser, or fill any empty space that needs a little something. Hang your necklaces, bracelets and scarves on the hooks as well as chunkier pieces like a multi gem bracelet for women.

Another great idea for a hook display: color code your jewelry pieces. It will be visually appealing and interesting to look at.

Clean out your closets or go to your nearest craft store and get some empty frames. Spray paint the frames a matching color, then drill holes on the backside of the frame where the glass would sit. Fill the holes with dowels. Or, you can add hooks to the top of the frames and hang necklaces from them.

If you want your display to look unique, hang clipboards on the wall and use them to show off your statement necklaces.

Wrap a few coat hangers in pretty fabric. Hang the coat hangers on your wall and clip your necklaces to them with clothespins.

If you need help keeping track of all of your unique gold rings for women, use vintage saucers or small antique plates and keep them on your bedside table.

If you have a vintage inspired bedroom or bathroom or bedroom, take advantage of the repurposing trend. Find some old dresser knobs or door knobs and drill them into your wall. Use them to display your statement necklaces.

Drape your earrings over a teacup and use the cup to enhance your other jewelry displays or set it on top of your jewelry box.

Another use for teacups: place them side by side in your top dresser or nightstand drawer and organize your jewelry that way if you don’t want it fully on display.

Need to prep your pieces for the week? Perhaps you’re one of those organized people that picks out her outfits ahead of time, or maybe you pack to travel frequently. You can display your chosen jewelry on a mirrored tray on your dresser and keep the rest put away.

Keep bangles in apothecary jars, glass vases or mason jars on your shelves.

For your statement pieces, fasten a few hooks to a shadow box and hang several of the displays on a wall.

An old window with chicken wire instead of glass makes for a beautiful vintage display.

An unused corkboard can become a way to showcase your jewelry. Paint the frame if need be, then hammer some tiny nails into the cork. Hang your necklaces and bracelets in an eye-catching way and hang the corkboard above your vanity or dresser.

We’ve barely scratched the surface on all the ways you can display your jewelry. Not only will having a jewelry display be more convenient for you, it will give you some creative freedom to style it and show it off. 

Check out these impressive DIY jewelry storage options from Progression By Design!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… New York Fashion Week is here! Since September 10, we’ve been obsessed with the Empire State and learning about the latest style trends. Even when it’s not being taken over by the fashion-forward, New York is a bustling city full of places to see and things to experience. 

Have you ever thought of going to New York for Fashion Week? It’s an experience unlike any other, but it can be a bit overwhelming if you’re not familiar with Manhattan and all it has to offer. We’ve put together a little guide for our friends who are lucky enough to enjoy a Fashion Week adventure and want to experience the best New York City has to offer.


Day One

Once you’ve checked in at your hotel and you’re ready to explore, make your first stop OC61 Salon & Spa for a spray tan so you can look your best at every event. Our favorite spray tanner is in-house pro Anna Stankiewicz, whose foolproof technique and meticulous attention to detail have won her a loyal following of actresses, models and editors.

OC61 is located at 33 East 61st Street on the third floor. Book ahead of time at 212-935-6261.

Once you’ve been sprayed and pampered, head to the Voltz Clarke Gallery at 141 East 62nd Street on the second floor. For the last 15 years, Blair Clarke has filled galleries and private residences with a wide range of contemporary art. Her business model is executed through private appointments, pop up exhibitions, studio visits, artist lectures and fashion collaborations. She founded Voltz Clarke in 2002 and it was an immediate success. The exhibitions at this gallery will excite and inspire you.

New York has some of the best dining options in the world, and deciding where to have dinner can be a challenge. Don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy a meal at Park Avenue’s Vaucluse Restaurant. Vaucluse was designed by Meyer Davis and shows no seams between its airy French vaulting and the New York tilting. On the menu you’ll find traditional French country dishes like veal tenderloin and pate en croute, not to mention incredible desserts. The executive chef, Michael White, worked in Italy and spent a lot of time in France. He draws inspiration from his summers in Grasse, and it shows.


Fashion Time

With all the shows, events and trunk sales that take place during Fashion Week, it’s impossible to see it all. But thanks to the new NYFW: The Shows App, you can get organized and make sure you don’t miss your must-sees. You can also attend as many shows as you want thanks to the live streaming option. Prop your feet up, sip some champagne and let the shows begin!

One name to remember? Charlotte Tilbury. The limited edition cosmetics line is coming to Bergdorf Goodman during New York Fashion Week. With makeup for every woman, no matter her age or skin tone, you won’t want to miss the Charlotte Tilbury collection. Pick up a Goddess Skin Clay Mask for when you’re relaxing in your hotel room after the day’s events.

Once you’ve been inspired by the runway-ready looks and you’re ready to shop, enlist the help of the very best. Get the app for PS Dept. and connect with our favorite personal shopper in New York, Lisa B (Lisa Safir-Barnes). You’ll find lisa at the J Crew Women’s Collection store or virtually on the app. For more style inspiration, follow her on Instagram @lisafiremarness.

The more you visit New York, the more familiar you’ll get with the neighborhood gems and must-see spots. Eventually you’ll find your own favorites, but always leave room in your schedule to explore.

If you’re in New York for Fashion Week now, make sure to catch the Camille K trunk show on Thursday, September 17! We are partnering with fashion designer, Yola Colon, to bring you a day full of fabulous fashion and jewels. We will be showing all of our latest designs, including multi gem bracelets for women, unique gold rings for women and fashion earrings for women





Love is many things, but it’s not always practical. Sometimes you fall in love with some pieces of jewelry accessories without having any idea of how you’ll wear it. Some might say that you wear jewelry to accessorize your clothes, but if you love a piece of jewelry enough, make it yours and build your outfit around it.

Many pieces of Camille K jewelry fall into the “statement jewelry” category. The right statement  piece can transform an ordinary outfit into something special and often times, is the only accessory you need.

Here are some guidelines and inspiration for wearing your statement jewelry:

When wearing a bold piece such as a Biltmore Necklace or a Troubadour Choker, remember that less is more. They should be allowed to stand out, so don’t overcrowd them. It is best to wear one statement piece at a time, but if you must wear more than one, keep them apart. Don’t wear a multi gem bracelet for women and a large cocktail ring together. Unless you’re attending a very formal event, do not wear a bold statement necklace with statement earrings, even if they match.

If you’re going for an attention-getting piece of jewelry, keep your clothing simple. The stunning Troubadour Necklace is best worn with a little black dress or another wardrobe classic. Steer clear of busy patterns and wild prints. You want a statement necklace to really stand out.

Have some fun by dressing up a casual outfit with bold jewelry.  You can wear a denim shirt with a pair of fashion earrings for women or a bangle.  A plain white tee and jeans can be accessorized with a statement necklace.

Choose your earrings wisely. Statement earrings are beautiful and eye-catching. They will often be the first thing that someone will notice. Choose a pair that suits the shape of your face and enhances your best features. If you really want to show off your earrings, pull your hair back into a ponytail or bun.

Big, unique gold rings for women are trendy right now. You can wear an Empire Ring with a casual outfit or your formal wear. The key is to pay attention to your hands. Keep them moisturized and keep your nails filed and polished. Your nail polish doesn’t have to match your ring, but make sure the colors don’t clash.

Remember, no matter how large a statement ring is, it’s still a ring. These are the smallest of the statement pieces, so it’s OK to have a little fun with them. The bigger and brighter, the better! Just make sure you wear one at a time.

Layer an extra-long necklace with a shorter, simpler necklace, or wear it with a button-down shirt for a fresh vibe. Always wear the right necklace with the right neckline. Strapless or v-neck dresses are ideal for statement necklaces, while a dress with a lot of detailing will do better with a Signature Choker.

So, what about bracelets? Keep them tasteful. The Biltmore Cuff is an excellent choice if you’d like to wear a statement piece. Bare arms are best, but you can also wear it over a slim-fitting long-sleeved top. Stick to wearing one cuff at a time to create a focal point. Keep the rest of your jewelry accessories simple, but don’t forego it entirely. A cuff is one statement piece you can wear with other accessories.

Bangles also make great arm adornments. If you stack your bangles, keep them on one arm only. To avoid overdoing it, limit yourself to six bangles at a time. Layer colored bangles with gold and silver and make sure all the hue complement each other.

So, how do you build an outfit around your jewelry? Follow these steps:

  1. Pick out the piece of jewelry and observe the colors (even if it’s just gold or silver). Pay attention to the style of the piece.
  2. Pick out pieces of clothing that either match the colors in the piece or complement them. You don’t want your accessories working against your ensemble. Play around with your wardrobe—you might be surprised by what works.
  3. Try on other jewelry to see if it works with your chosen piece or if you should leave your outfit as-is.
  4. Acquire your other accessories: other jewelry, a scarf, your handbag, belt, shoes...whatever will make your outfit complete. Pile them on one piece at a time so you can see if they work with your outfit. If you seem overly accessorized, take one thing off.

Buy the jewelry accessories you’re drawn to. If you love it enough, you’ll always find ways to wear it.








It’s safe to say that, as a culture, we’re a little bit obsessed with celebrity style. Since they’re constantly being photographed and watched, celebs typically take it upon themselves to step up their style and create their own signature look. And between their big budgets, freebies from designers and professional stylists on hand, they have an abundance of creativity to work with.

We like to think of celebrity style as inspiration. Directly copying a look is unoriginal, but by seeing the unique outfits famous people can put together, we can create our own signature style with any spin. If there’s one thing most celebrities excel at, it’s accessorizing. And if you look at images of your favorite style icons, you can get the look for yourself.


Beyonce certainly knows how to be bold. Vibrant prints, big hair, glamorous makeup and bold prints are all part of her signature style. Queen Bey even looks put together when she’s in jeans and a tee!

To get Beyonce’s look, dress for your body type. She always seems to know the styles, fabrics, colors and textures that flatter her figure. In recent months, Beyonce has been spotted in several chic all-black ensembles. This is a trend we’ll see a lot of this fall and winter, and it’s so easy to emulate. Break up the black with some fashion earrings for women and a colorful cuff like our Biltmore Cuff II

Taylor Swift

We know she is an amazing performer but you must admit that Taylor Swift knows good style. Watching her style transformation as she has morphed from a curly-haired country crooner to a red-lipped starlet has been amazing. Taylor is not afraid to change her signature style and mix things up a bit.

To quote a line from one of her songs, “I got that red lip classic thing that you like.” And while it’s true that Taylor gravitates toward traditional fashion trends, she also works in some modern touches—she’s actually a big fan of Camille K jewelry!

To copy Taylor’s current look, go for feminine silhouettes. She isn’t afraid to show off her midriff with a crop top or wear a body-hugging dress, but she always keeps it classy. Ms. Swift was recently spotted wearing a Free People Reign Over Me Lace Dress and a pair of  strappy open-toed sandals, an outfit that would be easy to copy. We recommend a simple jewelry pairing for this look as well—a Miramar Rock Crystal Enhancer worn with a Camille K Signature Choker adds to the Bohemian style.

 Cara Delevingne

This runway-ready beauty is a fan of all things romantic. Florals, lace and pretty dresses are her standard staples, and she’s not afraid to rock a short skirt. This former model always seems to be on someone’s best-dressed list.

Cara certainly isn’t someone who wants to look effortlessly put together. It’s clear that she spends time on her outfits, working toward a perfect look. Even when she’s going casual, she still looks well-dressed. If you’ve got a little time and creativity to invest in your signature style, getting Cara’s look will be a breeze.

For a Cara Delevigne-approved look, layer on the lace. Go bold with your makeup, opting for either a smoky eye or a bright lip. Take it a step farther by letting your brows dominate your face like Cara does. For jewelry, a Troubadour Necklace provides the perfect pop of glam. For a slightly less dressy look, go for some simple but stylish gold earrings for women.

Kim Kardashian

She might not be everyone’s favorite person, but Kim K knows how to rock her signature style. This fashion icon, with a little help from her stylish husband Kanye West, always looks well-dressed. Her outfits deliver drama and sex appeal, and always show off her voluptuous figure. Kim’s fashion tastes are varied, but getting her signature look comes down to investing in a few key pieces.

Kim pulls nearly every outfit together with a camel colored coat. In addition to keeping her cozy, the coat makes everything she has look a little more chic. She also elongates the look of her legs with nude heels, a classic fashion must-do. When she’s not appearing in a fabulous dress, she enjoys showing off her curves in tuxedo pants. And of course, Kim always knows how to accessorize.

We could see Kim wearing our Biltmore Drop Earrings I when she needs to add elegance to a casual ensemble. She’s also a big fan of bracelets, and a Signature Black Diamond Pave Pearl Cuff would be right up her alley whether she was out shopping or strutting down the runway.

Make it your own

Remember, celebrity style should be an inspiration. With a little research and some creativity, you can get a similar look (and sometimes for a much lower price tag) with very little effort. The best part of getting inspired by the style of someone famous is changing it up a bit and making it your own.