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Whether or not you believe in the power of New Year’s resolutions, it’s always good to set goals, and the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to do it. While you can reinvent yourself anytime, there’s something about seeing January 1 on the calendar that motivates us to make some positive changes. We like to think of them as “anytime intentions.”

Most people make health-related resolutions but fall into the trap of having unrealistic expectations that set themselves up for failure. Why not make your 2016 intentions a little more fun instead? Set style and beauty resolutions you’ll be way too excited about to risk not keeping. If you can’t think of any right away, use these ideas as inspiration.

Shine a little brighter. Take your jewelry up a notch and go for big, bold pieces. Treat yourself to a sparkly cocktail ring or a multi gem bracelet for women and wear a little bling with every outfit. Your confidence will soar.

Learn something new. Take this common New Year’s resolution and apply it to the world of fashion. What trend have you always wanted to try? Why haven’t you attempted it? Learn about it, master it and work it into your wardrobe. If not now, when?

Go there with your hair. Trying a different hairstyle or a new color gives you a new perspective and can really change your outlook on life. Try something a bit out of your comfort zone. Just make sure you’re working with someone you trust, preferably a person who knows what you like or someone with a well-known reputation.

Be kind to your nails. You may not realize it, but nails are very susceptible to the wear and tear of everyday life. Winter can make them especially fragile since we tend to be dehydrated and are exposed to harsh elements. Moisturize your hands daily, pat them dry with towels after you wash them, and wear gloves when you wash your dishes. All of your unique gold rings for women will look better on hydrated hands.

Wash your makeup brushes. Makeup builds up on your brushes. The buildup gets brushed onto your skin. You get the picture. Wash your brushes with warm water, a gentle soap or baby shampoo. Ideally you should clean them twice per month, but once a month will suffice.

Adapt a signature detail. Gwen Stefani has red lipstick. Taylor Swift has the sexy cat-eye. Choose a hair or beauty trend and work it into your daily routine. Think of it as branding yourself.

Make an investment piece game plan. Every wardrobe should have some investment pieces, which are meant to be timeless staples you can wear for years to come. Investment pieces are usually designer items that cost more than your average outfit, so they have to be planned for. Divide your dream item’s price by 12 (or six or fewer if you can afford it) and make sure you save that much money every month. Even if it takes you awhile to save for each piece, you know you’ll be wearing it for a lifetime.

Stock up on the basics. Basics like classic denim, white t-shirts and black or beige sweaters make up the foundation of many an amazing outfit. Make sure yours are in good condition.

Get organized. Clean out your closet once and for all. Donate what you’re not wearing to make room for things you will wear. Untangle your jewelry and get it organized once and for all. There are so many creative ways to arrange your accessories; you should always be able to find what you need. 

Get dressed up. You don’t need a reason. What good is the most fancy dress in your closet or the prettiest pumps on your shoe shelf if you’re never going to wear them? When I’m all dressed up and getting my hair done, I’m often asked, where are you going tonight? I like to respond, “The grocery store!”  Why not dress up for no occasion and celebrate yourself and the wonderful life you are creating and living each day? Show up and dress up!

Cheers to a stylish 2016!



Have you heard the good news? The Pantone Colors of the Year for 2016 have been released―and this year, for the very first time, there are two! Hearing about the Color of the Year always gets us excited for all upcoming fashion and beauty trends we’ll be seeing. And it looks like there’s a lot to be excited about for the year ahead. 

Fashion trends are typically divided into two seasons, fall and spring. Since we’ve already seen spring previews at this year’s Fashion Weeks around the world, we have an idea of what lies ahead for the coming season.

Here are ten fashion, accessory and beauty trends we’re eagerly anticipating:

Rose Quartz and Serenity. For once, there are two beautiful Pantone colors commanding our attention for 2016, and they’re both wonderful. These soft, feminine hues will be weaving their way into contemporary clothing and accessories next year. Rose Quartz, a translucent pink, is the color of a crystal known as the “love stone” and used for its healing and forgiving properties. Serenity is a soft sky blue, offering a soothing sense of well-being. We could all stand to benefit from a more peaceful year, and these relaxing hues will help.

Vintage Redux. In 2016, we’ll be seeing more embellishments on our clothing―feminine necklines, embroidery and retro shapes. Many Camille K pieces will fit right in with this trend, especially the fashion earrings for women and unique gold rings for women that are based on the Art Deco time period in Paris.

Bows. Put a bow on it! 2016 fashion will be full of them, from the neckline to the sleeve. 2016 will be the year to dress with feminine flair. This is partially due to all the Victorian era-inspired clothing seen on the runways last fall.

Orange. Is orange the new black? It very well could be for the coming season! Orange tops, dresses and shoes were spotted on the runways at Fashion Weeks worldwide.

Intricate braids. Thanks to creativity-inspiring sites like Pinterest, women’s braids have gotten more detailed and complex in recent years. 2016 will be no exception. From center part braids to milkmaid braids, braiding has gone to a whole new level. We can’t wait to see what people come up with in the years to come.

1970s style “tropical” eyeshadow. 70s inspired makeup? Yes, please! The tropical eyes seen on the runway recently were created by makeup artist Lloyd Simmonds at Alexis Mabille in Paris. The look involves applying eye makeup in subtle or bold stripes, creating a colorful, retro look. Since 1970s fashion has been back with a vengeance lately, the hair and accessories styles of the past are sure to follow.

Floral jewelry. We’ve seen an abundance of floral prints on clothing lately, and now beautiful floral necklaces, earrings and rings will be in style next spring. If you don’t own any floral jewelry, now is the time to find some. Luckily, it makes a great stocking stuffer. Our Bel-Air Collection features pieces inspired by the lush flora of Bel-Air, California.

Bangles. Bangles never go out of style, and thank goodness for that. But they’ll be a must-have for the coming year. Modernize the look by layering skinny bangles of different sizes on your wrist with a contrasting wide bracelet.

Bare shoulders. Off-shoulder tops and “X-shaped” silhouettes will be popular next spring. In a world where so many fashion trends recycle, this is an exciting new twist. Better yet, since the X shape will cover the neckline, wearing a bare-shouldered top is a great reason to show off your bangles and earrings.

Lingerie inspired pieces. Pajamas in public? Not quite—but we can expect to see a lot more loungewear-looking clothing next year. Designers like Alexander Wang, Givenchy and Wes Gordon are taking advantage of this trend.

It’s an exciting time in the fashion industry. Old styles from all eras are returning to the forefront, featuring contemporary twists by modern designers. The past is sometimes the best inspiration for creating new pieces, which is evidenced by all the exciting new trends we are beginning to see for the coming year.

If you’re looking to expand your wardrobe be sure to shop for a few pieces featuring the Pantone Colors of the Year, Rose Quartz and Serenity. Colors have a big effect on our moods, and you’ll love starting a new year with some fresh hues in your closet.









woman with jewelry accessories for the holiday season

The holiday season is in full swing, and that means a lot of well-known brands are showcasing their merchandise at trunk shows across the country. A “trunk show” is an event, usually for select loyal customer or staff members, in which vendors present merchandise at a venue, boutique or hotel suite. Trunk shows allow a brand to gain recognition and shoppers to get some great deals. They have enjoyed an increase in popularity over the years as people have become more brand savvy thanks to social media, blogs and word of mouth.

This has been a very busy time for Camille K as well. We’ve recently participated in several trunk shows, including the recent Yola Colon at the Mark Hotel trunk show in New York City. The ladies in attendance mixed and mingled with other guests in one of the Upper East Side hotel’s signature suites, which overlooks Central Park. They sipped champagne and browsed the designer’s wares, getting a head start on their holiday jewelry season shopping.

gathered for Holiday Trunk Show Jewelry Season

It all sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it? Luckily if you’re in the New York area, you can still participate in a Camille K trunk show. We’re currently taking part in the Yildiz & Aylin 2015 Holiday Trunk Show at 188 E 78th Street, where we’ll have jewelry designs for sale through the end of the week. Come try on a gold bracelet for women or some of our more colorful creations.

Of course, not everyone can fly to New York at a moment’s notice (although it would be nice). But fear not, you can enjoy the trunk show experience from the comfort of home thanks to online shopping. Just a few of the Camille K pieces we’ve had for sale at trunk shows include:

  • The Lucky Pearl Cuff—for when you want to add a little elegance to a casual outfit. This cuff makes a wonderful holiday gift, but it’s also a nice treat for yourself!
  • Our Empire Swirls—for that fashionable friend who seems to have everything.
  • Something from the Biltmore Collection—for when you’re feeling festive or any occasion that calls for being adorned with jewels.

Jewelry Season earrings

From a shopper’s perspective, you really can’t go wrong with a trunk show. Not only can you find great deals and beautiful products, but you’ll have the chance to give the designers feedback through what you buy and what you enjoy. This in turn helps the designers see what is popular. The more we know what you like, the better we will be at creating beautiful styles that you love and will wear for years to come. The brands tend to love trunk shows because the designers get to meet the customers face to face, build brand loyalty and make connections.

Need some tips for navigating trunk shows? Here’s how to make sure you have the best possible experience:

First, narrow down some designers you’re especially fond of (this is the fun part!). It’s easier to find the best trunk shows if you have an idea of which brands you’re looking for.

Have a good idea of your taste and styles that suit you—or, if you’re holiday shopping for others, get a feel for what they’d like. This will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Get there early if you can. If you’ve ever been to a wedding dress trunk show, you’ve seen the madness that can result. Women’s apparel and accessories trunk shows are typically less chaotic, but if you beat the rush, you’ll find the best jewelry season pieces.

Do your research. Find out about the boutique that will be hosting the trunk show and research every brand that will have products there, even if you’re not necessarily interested in what you’re selling. You just might be pleasantly surprised!

Come prepared with questions. If the designers themselves aren’t there, there will still be reps who should be able to answer any questions you might have about the brand or the designs.

Don’t bring a large entourage. A trunk show is usually a more intimate affair. Bring a friend or two, grab a mimosa and take your time admiring the designs. 

Have fun! Trunk shows are meant to feel like exclusive parties where designers can showcase their talents. Be prepared to talk to them and to mingle with the other shoppers. You might even make some new friends!

Check out a few snaps from our recent trunk shows!










How to Winterize Your Winter Wardrobe

In an ideal world, we’d all be able to shop for an entirely new wardrobe at the turn of every season. But that’s not a reality for most of us, nor is it practical. The good news is, it’s also unnecessary. With a few simple swaps and tips, you can winterize your current wardrobe and keep the same key pieces to use all year round. We’ll show you how to maximize your clothing, shoes and accessories and prepare for the colder months.

Getting maximum use out of your clothing is easier than ever right now. Since it has been deemed acceptable to wear white during winter and fall florals are in style this year, there’s no need to put away your flowery dresses until spring. Just add tights, ankle boots and a jacket for warmth.

Layering is the key for transitioning your wardrobe from summer to winter. Never underestimate the power of a blazer, a sweater or a chunky cardigan. A shirt with a low neckline can be made cozier by adding a scarf, and trendy faux fur vests will make any outfit warmer. You can even wear your shorts in the winter as long as you have thick tights to go underneath them. 

Here are a few ideas for turning warm weather staples into a winter wardrobe:

  • A summer dress can become a winter skirt if you wear a cute sweater or sweatshirt on top and tights underneath.
  • You can wear a crop top with a long cardigan and a pair of high-waisted jeans.
  • Invest in a good pair of opaque leggings to wear under your shorts or short dresses.
  • When in doubt, add a scarf.
  • Treat yourself to a warm, fuzzy jacket. Whether that means a luxe fur or a suede coat, you should make sure your topper is touchable.
  • A boyfriend blazer is the most versatile and comfortable basic of the season. Wear it over dresses or t-shirts and you’ll look polished (and feel warm).

What about your shoes? While it’s true that you’ll have to retire some of your strappy sandals until next spring, you don’t have to resign yourself to only wearing closed-toed shoes for the time being. Some of your open-toed shoes can be worn with colorful tights. Just try them on and use your best judgment. Peep-toed shoes can also be worn anytime.

You can still wear your flats, even if it’s too cold not to wear socks. Thanks to “no show” socks like these, you can rock your favorite shoes all winter long. 

Winter also has its own set of jewelry trends. While summertime means breaking out the turquoise accessories and delicate pieces, winter is all about the sparkle. Light blues and rich red and greens are all great options, not to mention glamorous cocktail rings and gold earrings for women.

Here’s how to wear this winter’s top jewelry trends: 

  • Reconsider your matching sets, at least for the time being. Mixing jewelry is in style, especially rings.  Deck out one finger with one large ring or several smaller rings, then add a simple gold band to a different finger.
  • Layer your necklaces. Pair one short, one medium and one or two long necklaces to get the most impact. The necklaces should be similar enough in size that one doesn’t overpower the others. Try mixing modern and vintage styles to create a unique, personal mix.
  • Have an arm party! A big stack of mixed bracelets adds instant eye-catching style to any outfit. Use classic pieces, like chunky links, and mix them with a modern multi gem bracelet for women. This combination will help you look refined.
  • Twisted link necklaces are very popular right now. A unique way to get this look is to wear the Eugenie Necklace, which also features interlocking hoops.
  • Winter is the time to bring out your gems—the more colorful, the better. The Biltmore Necklace will add color to a black holiday party dress. 

Never assume that you have to sacrifice wearing jewelry in order to stay warm. This is not the case, but you might have to choose your pieces wisely. For example, unless you’re going to a holiday party or somewhere equally as elegant, skip the long, dangling earrings in favor of more simple styles.

Fashion tape can be used to keep a necklace in place while you layer a scarf over it for the walk or drive to your destination. Instead of skinny bracelets that you won’t be able to slide over your gloves, look for bigger cuffs to wear on your wrists that won’t get lost under your jacket, like the Lucky Lady Cuff. Fingerless gloves are great because not only do they make an edgy fashion statement, but you don’t have to remove them – or your rings.

With a few, simple adjustments, your winter wardrobe will be ready in no time!