CHEZ LE COIFFEUR: David Mallett, The Salon, and The Jewelry I Wore!

Jewelry, shoes and hair are my favorite accessories. Yes, I consider hair an accessory! Big hair, sleek hair, red hair, blonde hair-- I've had it all and changed things up frequently. What I didn't change was my hairdresser. But life has a way of nudging us along even when we aren't ready to move and in January of this year, Mikel left to create heavenly hair up with the hair gods.... To say I've been lost without him is an understatement. My short hair grew long and then positioned itself in its perpetual French roll.

Fortunately, I had a trip to Paris planned and decided that it might be the perfect moment to experiment with my hair. As luck would have it, I sat next to a beautiful Australian ballerina one day in a café who had the best haircut. After talking about Paris and dance, I asked her who did her hair--she leaned in and whispered, David Mallett, and tell him Gemma sent you. The appointment was made and the day finally came to embrace change.

Walking into the building-- a 17th century Hotel Particulier, was in itself a treat. The winding staircase leading to the salon created more anticipation but nothing had prepared me for the beauty I was about to experience. The herringbone floors, the taxidermy ostrich, the tall gold-gilded mirrors and the Louis XVI chairs with their stuffing spilling out of their shredded upholstery made me gasp. I'm sure my eyes opened wider and my heart beat faster! What a backdrop for this new adventure...

David brought me my requested green tea and sat with me-- easing me into revealing my hair dreams. He admitted with a sideways smile that he had already been studying me while I was waiting in the foyer and had some ideas of his own. He analyzed me out loud and I was stunned that someone could be so clear about who I am and what I was thinking without knowing me at all. He commented on my jewelry-- I was wearing my Lucky pearl ring and bangle-- he was obsessed with the ring and said that it was his sign to let his creativity loose! Well, the next several hours spent cutting, coloring and styling my hair were joyful, exciting and downright fun. Everyone was friendly and I had some of the most wonderful conversations with people from all over the world and all walks of life. David, himself, is smart, humble, and talented. At the end of the afternoon, I left with the perfect cut and color. When I stepped out in the street, I looked up to the sky and smiled knowing that hair gods approved!


xx Carla


David Mallett was recently interviewed in New York Magazine's, The Cut. Here is the article! Enjoy!


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