Make Your Gifts Memorable: A Gift-Giving Guide

There’s no doubt about it—jewelry makes a memorable gift. A piece of jewelry marks an occasion or milestone, and it’s something people will cherish forever. But it’s also a very personal gift, and picking out the perfect piece requires a lot of thought.

Gift packaging from Kate Zaremba Company

Do your research

If you’re considering buying jewelry for your mother, a best friend, a romantic partner or anyone else in your life, start by finding out as much information as you can about her tastes. Some questions you’ll want to make sure you can answer include:

What kind of lifestyle does she lead? If she works in a professional setting or enjoys going out, she’ll probably wear more jewelry than someone who works in a very casual environment or stays in.

What are her preferences? Is she into delicate, simple pieces or larger statement accessories?

Does she wear more gold or silver? Are her ears pierced? What is her birthstone?

What kind of jewelry does she wear most often? Would she prefer a gold bracelet for women or fashion earrings for women

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you explore your options. The more you know about the preferences of the recipient, the more likely you are to get her a piece of jewelry she’ll truly love and cherish.

Think with your heart

Next, narrow down your search by focusing on capturing a memory or marking an occasion. For example, if you and your best friend are from California or enjoyed a perfect vacation on the Golden Coast, a Miramar Cuff  with its cast California Turban Shells would be a perfect pick. A creative way to announce a pregnancy is to get the grandmother-to-be a piece of jewelry featuring the baby’s birthstone. If you’re buying a piece for your significant other, go for jewelry that symbolizes something about the time or place you first fell in love. We’re all sentimental by nature, and the special lady in your life will love thinking of the memory every time she wears her jewelry.

Go for color

When buying jewelry for someone else, diamonds and clear crystals are always seen as a safe bet. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with going for a girl’s best friend, you shouldn’t be afraid to pick out something with some color. Bold accessories are both timeless and trendy, and less traditional than diamonds. What is her favorite color? Any fan of blue hues will love a Biltmore Cuff II, a multi gem bracelet for women.

Size Matters

Pay attention to the size of her neck, wrists, hands and frame. If she’s average sized, most pieces of jewelry should fit her. If she’s very short, long necklaces might look extra long on her. If her wrists are extremely petite, you may want to avoid a standard bangle or bracelet since it might not fit. If you need to know her ring size, the only way to find out without asking is to borrow one of her rings or try one on and guestimate that way. Most reputable designers and stores will allow an exchange in the worst case.

Ask around

The surest bet for buying someone a piece of jewelry she’ll love is to ask her closest friends for advice. If the gift is for your friend, email a link and ask the other ladies in your tribe for their opinions. If it’s for your girlfriend or wife, showing her best friend a photo will help you decide if a piece you’re debating is “the one.”

Keep the entire outfit in mind

Mismatched jewelry is common, and no one needs to wear a set all the time. That being said, an extremely unique piece of jewelry will be hard to wear unless she has something she can wear with it. If you’re going for something with a different look, consider getting her a set (or at least two pieces from the collection) so she never has to scramble for other accessories when she wears it.

Stylish safe bets

Every woman has different tastes, especially when it comes to her jewelry. But there are some pieces of Camille K jewelry that are meant to appeal to a variety of preferences. If you’ve done your research, asked around, snooped through her collection and you’re still stumped, here are three pieces of jewelry that she should love:

1.     The Stella One-Tone Necklace I can be worn long or short and paired with a wide variety of pieces.

2.     Any bling ring-loving lady will adore a Troubadour Ring.

3.     The Signature Short Reversible Pave Earrings are simple enough to be worn every day, but the Swarovski crystals add a bit of bling to capture attention.  

Happy shopping! 

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