Summer Getaway Jewelry Essentials

If you have yet to enjoy a sweet summer escape this year, dont worry—youve still got plenty of time. August and September are great months to travel and much of the country will still be enjoying hot sunny days and warm nights. If youve got an exciting destination on your horizon, this post is for you. Packing for a vacation is like finding a balance—you want to have enough outfits for every occasion, but you dont want to over pack and not leave room for souvenirs. Read on for a cheat sheet to your summer getaway essentials.

One general rule every traveler should follow: pack multi-purpose items. A throw-on dress can be dressed up or down, used as a swimsuit cover-up or worn to a fancy dinner. A casual clutch can be your go-to handbag during your trip and carry your cosmetics to and from your destination. And, of course, you should always pack jewelry essentials you can wear with several different outfits. Your most ornate cocktail ring might look amazing with your little black dress, but if thats all you can wear it with, it should stay home. Here are some ideas for jewelry and other essentials to take with you, divided by destination.

The Beach

Whether its a swanky resort in the Bahamas, a rented condo on Maui or a casual hotel on the California coast, nothing tops a classic summer beach vacation. The ultimate blend of relaxation and sightseeing requires a laid back wardrobe with a couple of elegant options.

In addition to your swimsuit, sunscreen and flip-flops, you should pack a versatile “throw-on” dress you can wear several different ways, cutoff shorts, several tops and a wrap skirt. Having options is essential, but youll want to maximize your potential outfits with as few pieces as possible. You go to the beach to escape the weight of the world, so dont let your luggage weigh you down.

We aren’t suggesting foregoing jewelry essentials however, packing a few pieces to change the look of your outfits and dress up a casual outfit for a night on the town. We recommend:

■      The Miramar Rock Crystal Enhancer for a big night out or brunch at the resort.

■      Empire Earrings to charm by day and dazzle by night.

■      An Empire Bubble Bangle because turquoise always looks like it belongs on the beach.


The City

Heading off to New York, LA, Chicago or Austin? Even the big city can be relaxing if you can slow down your pace and explore. Depending on your itinerary, you may need to pack a few more formal pieces than you would for a more casual destination. But that means packing smarter, not packing more. Save room in your suitcase to allow for some shopping!

When packing for an urban getaway, think of everything you’ll be doing while youre there and plan accordingly. Then see, which pieces you, can use multiple times. For example, you can wear a white summer sundress with a bright cardigan for a day trip downtown, then trades it for a more formal blazer and heels for an evening show. Here are our picks for jewelry:

■      The Troubadour Necklace for dressing up a casual outfit for a big night out.

■      A Troubadour Ring to coordinate with the necklace or be worn alone throughout your trip.

■      Signature Short Reversible Earrings, fashion earrings for women that can be worn two different ways.

■      A Stella One-Tone Necklace because it can be worn long or short.

The Country

Family wedding in Iowa? High school reunion in Montana? Just feel like escaping the hustle and bustle of the city? The peaceful quiet and wide-open spaces of the country are alluring for so many reasons. If youre heading that way this summer, pack comfortable clothes that will still allow you to look stylish.

Throw a pair of jeans (and boots if you have them) into your suitcase along with a long, sweeping skirt and a denim jacket for chilly nights. No matter how casual your country getaway is, packing a few accessories will keep you from feeling underdressed. For jewelry, we recommend:

■      A Cherie Cuff to dress up your jeans and add some glam to those everyday ensembles.

■      A Stella One-Tone Necklace because of its versatility.

■      Lille Bird Earrings to add some character to your outfits.

A Foreign Destination

Its a big world out there...and if youre packing for an international vacation, you’ll have to pack wisely. Depending on where you land and where youre heading, your list of essentials will be different. But one rule remains the same: pack light. Youll have to adhere to strict weight limits on your luggage, and if youre touring more than one city, you dont want to be weighed down by your baggage or worry about leaving things behind.

Your jewelry essentials should be simple and modest, but it should be packed. Youll be looking at your vacation photos for years to come, so you may as well look fabulous in them. For traveling to foreign lands, we suggest:

■      Lucky Earrings—theyre classic and chic, and who couldnt use a little luck while traveling?

■      The Lucky Choker I—its a beautiful piece of jewelry, but not flashy.

■      A Cherie Ring to sweeten up your look.

Bon voyage! 

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