If you have yet to enjoy a sweet summer escape this year, dont worry—youve still got plenty of time. August and September are great months to travel and much of the country will still be enjoying hot sunny days and warm nights. If youve got an exciting destination on your horizon, this post is for you. Packing for a vacation is like finding a balance—you want to have enough outfits for every occasion, but you dont want to over pack and not leave room for souvenirs. Read on for a cheat sheet to your summer getaway essentials.

One general rule every traveler should follow: pack multi-purpose items. A throw-on dress can be dressed up or down, used as a swimsuit cover-up or worn to a fancy dinner. A casual clutch can be your go-to handbag during your trip and carry your cosmetics to and from your destination. And, of course, you should always pack jewelry essentials you can wear with several different outfits. Your most ornate cocktail ring might look amazing with your little black dress, but if thats all you can wear it with, it should stay home. Here are some ideas for jewelry and other essentials to take with you, divided by destination.

The Beach

Whether its a swanky resort in the Bahamas, a rented condo on Maui or a casual hotel on the California coast, nothing tops a classic summer beach vacation. The ultimate blend of relaxation and sightseeing requires a laid back wardrobe with a couple of elegant options.

In addition to your swimsuit, sunscreen and flip-flops, you should pack a versatile “throw-on” dress you can wear several different ways, cutoff shorts, several tops and a wrap skirt. Having options is essential, but youll want to maximize your potential outfits with as few pieces as possible. You go to the beach to escape the weight of the world, so dont let your luggage weigh you down.

We aren’t suggesting foregoing jewelry essentials however, packing a few pieces to change the look of your outfits and dress up a casual outfit for a night on the town. We recommend:

■      The Miramar Rock Crystal Enhancer for a big night out or brunch at the resort.

■      Empire Earrings to charm by day and dazzle by night.

■      An Empire Bubble Bangle because turquoise always looks like it belongs on the beach.


The City

Heading off to New York, LA, Chicago or Austin? Even the big city can be relaxing if you can slow down your pace and explore. Depending on your itinerary, you may need to pack a few more formal pieces than you would for a more casual destination. But that means packing smarter, not packing more. Save room in your suitcase to allow for some shopping!

When packing for an urban getaway, think of everything you’ll be doing while youre there and plan accordingly. Then see, which pieces you, can use multiple times. For example, you can wear a white summer sundress with a bright cardigan for a day trip downtown, then trades it for a more formal blazer and heels for an evening show. Here are our picks for jewelry:

■      The Troubadour Necklace for dressing up a casual outfit for a big night out.

■      A Troubadour Ring to coordinate with the necklace or be worn alone throughout your trip.

■      Signature Short Reversible Earrings, fashion earrings for women that can be worn two different ways.

■      A Stella One-Tone Necklace because it can be worn long or short.

The Country

Family wedding in Iowa? High school reunion in Montana? Just feel like escaping the hustle and bustle of the city? The peaceful quiet and wide-open spaces of the country are alluring for so many reasons. If youre heading that way this summer, pack comfortable clothes that will still allow you to look stylish.

Throw a pair of jeans (and boots if you have them) into your suitcase along with a long, sweeping skirt and a denim jacket for chilly nights. No matter how casual your country getaway is, packing a few accessories will keep you from feeling underdressed. For jewelry, we recommend:

■      A Cherie Cuff to dress up your jeans and add some glam to those everyday ensembles.

■      A Stella One-Tone Necklace because of its versatility.

■      Lille Bird Earrings to add some character to your outfits.

A Foreign Destination

Its a big world out there...and if youre packing for an international vacation, you’ll have to pack wisely. Depending on where you land and where youre heading, your list of essentials will be different. But one rule remains the same: pack light. Youll have to adhere to strict weight limits on your luggage, and if youre touring more than one city, you dont want to be weighed down by your baggage or worry about leaving things behind.

Your jewelry essentials should be simple and modest, but it should be packed. Youll be looking at your vacation photos for years to come, so you may as well look fabulous in them. For traveling to foreign lands, we suggest:

■      Lucky Earrings—theyre classic and chic, and who couldnt use a little luck while traveling?

■      The Lucky Choker I—its a beautiful piece of jewelry, but not flashy.

■      A Cherie Ring to sweeten up your look.

Bon voyage! 

We all know that jewelry lifts the spirits in a magical way! The statement gold necklace is an amazing accessory and can add its own kind of magic to your wardrobe. It can take a simple outfit from drab to fab and can turn a plain v-neck tee and jeans into a stylish outfit.  Many women doubt their ability to pull off a statement piece but we believe that anyone who wants to wear a statement necklace can and should wear one! Read on for seven fabulous ways to use jewelry to your online jewelry store advantage!

Keep it all in the same (color) family

Does your outfit consist of several different shades of the same hue? A statement necklace in a chosen shade can tie them all together. For example, if you were going for greens, a Biltmore Necklace would be a wise choice.

Keep it proportional

Keep it chic and proportional! Your statement necklace is going to be your outfits main accessory, which means its best to keep other jewelry simple. You may wish to forego earrings entirely and wear some unique gold rings for women that are too far away from your statement necklace to compete with it. Remember, the statement necklace should always be the source of attention.

Wear it for contrast

We love the classic black and white contrasts for fashon!  Black on white and white on black is sure to make a statement! The clean and crisp appeal of these combinations is timeless and the color pop is sure to draw attention to your face. You might try contrasting in an easy way with silver metals on white and gold metals on black. Whatever you choose, you will always be in good taste. 

Go monochromatic

For a subtler look, you can wear a statement necklace that matches your top. This might seem too simple, but it looks elegant and creates a clean, fresh palette. Rock a white statement gold necklace with a white tee and youll see what we mean.

Doubled Up

It may seem like less is more when it comes to the statement necklace, but that is not always the case. A mixture of necklaces in different shapes and lengths can be very fun. Mix beads and chains together or wear your pearls with a modern gold choker like our Signature Perle choker. Stop at a few layers and remember to take that one last glance in the mirror before you leave home.  If in doubt, take one piece off!

Add a pop of color

Neutrals were made to be worn with statement necklaces. Take a simple white shirt and button it all the way up and then add a necklace to the outside of the collar.  You will be prim and bold all at once! Try wearing the palest of pinks and accent with a with a turquoise statement cuff and turquoise sandals.

Create the unexpected

Take a classic low back dress or reverse your v-neck t- shirt and let your statement gold necklace drop down your back. From the front, you’ll look like you're wearing a choker and from the back— well, lets just say you’ll turn a few heads!

Whatever you do, make the statement your own and above all, have fun! How do you wear your statement necklaces? 

What’s your favorite color? It’s a simple question, but it may have a complex answer. Even if you don’t think you have one, you’re most likely drawn to some colors more than others.  Color is emotional, so our choices say a lot about us.

Psychologists, marketeers, and spiritual advisors all study color to examine our behavior and how color influence us.  In the fashion world, the right colors help create an overall look without being the main focus. Each year, trendsetters and experts in the industry consult the Pantone color charts to select which hues will take us through the fashion season.

Color choices are like wearing your emotions on your sleeve! Let’s see how you are expressing yourself!

If your favorite color is pink, you are most likely lighthearted and outgoing. You are joyful and like to make others happy. You might be a little childlike or hesitant to grow up, going for fashion choices that are youthful. Count on our Pantone Bubblegum Perle Ring, or one of our unique gold rings for women, to become your new signature accessory.


If you consider purple your favorite color, you dance to the beat of your own drum. Though you may seem a bit “off,” others are drawn to your unique personality. You are intuitive, which will help you weed out the people who aren’t worthy of your friendship. You care less about looking trendy than you do looking feminine. A Signature Crystal Pave Perle Choker would be perfect for you.  

If black is your favorite color, you are said to be strong, passionate, and, yes, sophisticated. You’re most likely a realist who prefers to keep things simple and doesn’t like complications. If you wear a lot of black, you know the importance of choosing bold statement jewelry that will stand out. A Signature 5 Cuff, a gold bracelet for women, will do just that. Renoir said that black is the “queen” of all colors!

Prefer the soothing, calming blue? You are calm, cool and even-keeled—or at least you’d like to be. Blue, the color of the ocean is often associated with peace and serenity. Those who love it are also said to love tranquility. You’re probably a good communicator and a reliable friend, too. Blue is the color of the throat chakra, and you can keep a bit of blue close to yours with an ID Choker.

If your favorite color is red, you are bold and like to leave a lasting impression. You might have a tough exterior, but you have a soft heart. People who are drawn to red tend to be aware of the effect it has on others and are confident enough to take advantage of it. You may not wear red every day, but you certainly know how to dress to turn heads. Your jewelry should stand out too, and you’ll probably enjoy every piece in our modern unique gold rings Signature collection. but especially the Pantone Orange/ Red Perle Cuff

Do you like green? Then your heart rules you. You enjoy helping people and you are a great listener. You might also be insecure, wondering what others think of you or worrying about things that are out of your control. Stay grounded with a Signature Turquoise Pave Perle Ring. Turquoise is one of the oldest protection stones and is thought to bring strength and good fortune to the wearer.

Are you a fan of orange? You are outgoing, easygoing and adaptable. You love going on adventures and you don’t mind being the center of attention. Clearly you’re not afraid to take a few risks with your style, either. Wear a Pantone Orange Perle Ring with a few other pieces of more timeless jewelry and you’ll stand out in any crowd.

Do you love gray or silver most of all? You could be a bit indecisive (if you’re still asking yourself “Gray or silver?”) You don’t have many absolute likes and dislikes, which make you a great friend—you’ll never protest the chosen unique gold rings brunch spot. But you’re also determined and motivated, and others look up to you. Our Signature Short Reversible Pave Earrings will give you two accessorizing options. 


Have you discovered your true colors? 


Summer is the most popular season to travel, and to explore new places! Packing for a trip takes thought especially if you intend to shop and come home with souvenirs!  For women, this means maximizing our outfit options while taking up the least amount of suitcase space. This is no easy task but we know you can do it! 

It might seem like skipping accessories is a good way to save room, but with the right choices, you can actually take less clothing and create new looks at the same time! Simply changing your accessories can make a basic black dress look different every time you wear it! Deciding what to take with you and what to leave at home should be the first step of your accessories plan.


What to leave behind

Safety is a top concern when traveling with jewelry but we’re sure you have some special pieces that go with you everywhere… your lucky charms!  Take them and remember to place them in a travel jewelry case safe in your hotel room when you aren’t wearing them. Pieces that are truly irreplaceable, like a family heirloom or antique, might be better left at home.


What to pack

When I’m packing for a trip, I lay my jewelry out with my clothes that I’m potentially taking to make sure I have all the right pieces.  After I’ve made my choices, I take a couple of extra stand out pieces for those “just in case” moments!

■      A go-to pair of gold earrings for women, such as the Beverly Swing Earrings, which transition well from day to night.

■      A colorful pair for more formal events or when you want to stand out in a crowd.

■      A necklace you can wear with any outfit.

■      A multi gem bracelet for women that can transform any outfit.

■      Unique gold rings for women that you can pile on.      

If you need more encouragement to pack less, try Coco Chanel’s personal rule, “I always take off at least one piece of jewelry before I leave the house to ensure that I’m not overdoing it!” 


How to pack your jewelry

No one wants to arrive at her destination with tangled necklaces or a missing earring.

Here are some ideas: 

■      A travel  jewelry roll or travel jewelry case and its compartments will help you keep your pieces separated so they wont tangle.  A jewelry roll is soft and can be easily tucked into a corner of your suitcase or inside a shoe for protection. Stephanie Johnson has a great style that will accommodate all of your pieces.

■      Index cards or a paper plate for your earrings. Poke the earrings through the paper, secure them with the posts or backs, and only remove them when you want to wear them. This will help ensure that every earring you take on your trip returns home.

■      Opening necklaces and bracelets and rolling them in tissue paper helps with tangling too! I use bright tissue paper so that I can find any pieces I tuck around in my suitcase.


Final jewelry packing advice

Remember, checked bags may get lost, so for valuable jewelry, take it with you in your carry on bag if you can. Youll feel much better knowing it is with you at all times. 

I always remind myself that I’m sure to spot some treasures on my travels… that’s a big motivator for keeping the suitcases light!  Buying pieces from different cities/countries makes for an interesting story not to mention for building a unique jewelry collection. Write notes about your new pieces so your travel jewelry case and adventures give the heirlooms more meaning!

The Last word: Wear your your classic, fine jewelry with newly acquired costume pieces.  It’s not about what’s real and what’s not, it’s all about how you wear it! 


Safe travels! xx Camille K



What is it about Paris? In short, everything! The romance, the style, the rich history and Gallic charm are just a few things to love about the City of Lights. No other city has ever been the inspiration for so many stories, dreams and works of art. To put it simply, Paris is both timeless and enchanting. I recently returned from another fabulous trip, and I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorite things. - Carla

Cire Trudon

The candle store, Cire Trudon has a history that dates back to 1643, when a salesman named Claude Trudon became the owner of a store on  the Rue Saint-Honoré. Trudon was a grocer but also a wax maker, and he supplied his customers with candles to light their homes and their local parish. The Trudon company supplied the Palace of Versailles until the very end of the Monarchy, and today they have stores throughout the world. Check out my online jewelry store here.

Along with their famous candles, the boutique on the Rue de Seine in the 6th arrondissement has just started scouting for and selling amazing antique furniture and home accessories.  Their curated selection is as alluring as their candle scents!


Organic Farmers Market 

There’s nothing like a good Farmer’s Market, and Paris has plenty.  My pick is the organic market that meets on Sundays at the intersection of the Rue du Cherche-Midi and the Rue d’Assas in the 6th arrondissement.  The selection of fruits, vegetables, flowers, cheese and much more is a delight for the eyes!  Go with an appetite and a large straw market basket!


Luxembourg Garden

The Luxembourg Garden, or Jardin du Luxembourg, is also located in the 6th. This is one of my all-time favorite strolls in the area. The garden is known for its gorgeous flowers, hidden fountains and people watching. There’s a large playground and a vintage carousel for families as well as  free musical performances in the gazebo. Not to be missed: the puppet show, Les Guignoles, in the upper park.  Don’t forget the cotton candy (barbe a papa) on your way out!


Astier de Villatte 

No trip to Paris is complete without shopping for ceramics at Astier de Villatte on the Rue Saint-Honoré in the 1st arrondissement. Their 18th century inspired white ceramics are entirely made by hand in Paris in a workshop historically belonging to Napoleon’s silversmith.  The boutique itself inspires dreams and setting a table with the dishes transports you to another time and place.


The Cligancourt Flea Market

This is the largest Paris market and one of the best shopping resources in the world. In a city known worldwide for its flea markets, that’s saying a lot! You might have to dedicate an entire weekend to browsing and searching, but you’ll find authentic, one-of-a-kind treasures. Start on the rue des Rosiers and explore all the specialty markets that run off of it.  Don’t miss the Marché Serpette, one of my favorites!



This photo was taken at the new Left Bank Hermes store on the Rue de Sevres in the 6th. The building is a design wonder (as you can see!), and the 30 seat balcony cafe is called “Le Plongeoir.”  “Plongeoir” means diving board in English, and this is a perfect name since the building used to house an indoor pool.


Cafe La Palette 

This café is one of my favorite stops in the 6th for lunch or a glass of champagne. It is rich with history as it was frequented by artists Cezanne and Picasso, and later by Ernest Hemingway. If you can get a seat on the terrace, you’ll be able to observe the happenings on the rue du Seine. You can never go wrong with the plat du jour or a glass of rosé Champagne!


Palais Royal Arcades and Gardens 

Located in the 1st arrondissement, this is a great spot for lunch, shopping, and people watching.   Lunch at Villalys  or Bistro Valois never fails to impress. Don’t miss the famous perfumer, Serge Lutens!


Galerie Vero-Dodat

In the 1800s, Paris was full of covered passages. Only about two dozen remain, and Galerie Vero-Dodat is one of the most beautiful. You’ll find it near the Palais Royal in the 1st, and it’s a great place to shop specialty boutiques including my favorite makeup brand, By Terry.


Marche des Enfants Rouges

This is the oldest covered food market in Paris, and is perfect for enjoying a casual  lunch.  Located in the historic Marais district, there are over 20 food stands with culinary delights from around the world.  The Picasso museum is nearby in case you have an appetite for art as well!


Apothecary Buly 1803 

This chic boutique in the 6th arrondissement is inspired by the famed 18th century perfumer  Jean-Vincent Bully. This is the place to go for unique potions, fragrance, lotions, soaps and accessories, including unique gold rings for women. The new concoctions include natural ingredients, all free from parabens and silicones.  The Al Kassir soap is my favorite!



This is my newest discovery, a leather accessories boutique in the 6th featuring the work of Peggy Huynh Kinh. She was once the Artistic Director for Madame Gres, Balmain and Celine as well as Creative Director for Cartier, and has playfully rebranded herself to launch this label. This is my favorite new luxury brand!


There truly is no place quite like Paris. It feeds the souls of artists, historians, and any lover of beauty.  You’ll find plenty of French inspired pieces in our collections, all with their own special American influence.

Have you visited the City of Lights? What are your favorite Paris picks?